Hope for Kenyan Girls


A Vision to bring Hope for the Future to Kenyan Girls

Pastor Daniel Ashanda Ndamilwa   is  Pastor of the Church below  in Matunda , Kenya where many come to worship the Lord. Pictures below: The Church and Winnie who is Pastor Daniels wife  and mother of their 6 children .

Africa is a vast country with vast needs. One Pastor is planning to make a difference in the life of his Community through the training of young Women to become tailors

Hope for young women in Kenya

The  vision:  Training and supporting  teenage girls (14 to 17 years)  with skills to help the sustain themselves in life. This will open a door of hope for these young women and change the future as they become leaders in their homes and community.

NEED: These girls are abused easily because of idleness and lack of basic needs but when they have skills, they can employ themselves or get employed and earn a living. While they are being trained with us, we would counsel them to avoid early marriages, prostitution that is causing many to die at an early age. Lack of basic needs is one of the major ways used by men who are stable financially especially when they are employed as house maids.

  • This is the vision of the Church will support the VISION fully as they have such girls in the church, who don’t have is financial support at the moment.
  • Cost of  sewing machine: 8000 to 10,000 Kenyan Shillings.  ($107.00 to $132.00 each  AUD)
  • Need for project: 20 machines when fully operational which will allow us to train 20 young women. ($2500.00) AUD
  • Cost of training per girl for 9 months (fully trained as a tailor)  is estimated at 15000 keys to $198.82 AUD
  • Facility for training: Price to be negotiated
  • Personnel for training: 2 trained teachers are needed.
  • Estimate of training 1 girl (including rentals and teaching and needs = $500.00AUD) 37,724.00keys
  • Total coast of project estimate $10,000 AUD 754,468.00 keys
  • This project of hope may be extended in to other suitable vocations for the girls as finance and need arises. Eg: hairdressing
  • Pastor Daniel is also involved in High School Ministry where the Schools are very open to teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Also attends primary school Graduation  to pray and talk with the children.
    •  High School youth after being taught about Christianity.
    • A young class of Graduates Youth worship God following the preaching of the Gospel..

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