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To Africa With Love

Africa  is a vast Nation with many different cultures, and countries.  Over the past few years I have been Involved with Kenya and Uganda. I plan to work with other areas particularly South Africa.

There are thousands of orphans in Africa who are in need to support from food through to education support and sponsorship. So in my media pages I plan to share some of these and trust that out there, there will be those who will be willing to assist.

This is the details for you to visit :


Alfred and wife  Jane have this a vision to reach  children and orphans from the slum areas surrounding Karen where  parents cannot afford to pay for the children’s education.  This is a mission to and for children . Funds are always need to support this Mission. Visit Website above for full details. Below are just a few of the beautiful but hungry and needy children who are supported by Brightshiners.  You can support Alfred and Jane in this world by going to their website.



Amazing Love

Recently I have become freshly and more intensely aware of God’s Amazing Love for me.

His Love goes way beyond my understanding and draws me ever closer to His heart.

His Amazing Love  brings healing and wholeness and in each fresh new day He awakens me to

more of His Presence … and His Amazing Love


Some time ago I read this quote and somehow it resonated with in me, but what does it really mean?

“Work like you don’t need the money

Dance like nobody’s watching and

Love like you’ve never been hurt”

*Who would work like they didn’t need the money?  Could it be those motivated by LOVE? The love of the Bridegroom, the self-sacrificial love of Heaven.

*Who would dance like nobody’s watching?  Could it be those who are so in Love with the Beloved Bridegroom that they are totally uninhibited?

Ever worshiped the Beloved, alone, no music except the music of your heart, no one else to impress.  Just you and your Beloved Bridegroom?

* How can we love like we’ve never been hurt?  This is after all, a hurting world.  Is there anyone out there who has never been hurt?

Only Jesus can give this kind of love for He, our beloved Bridegroom, left the glory of Heaven, took all the hurt, the abuse, the rejection that anyone of us could ever feel and NAILED it to the tree.

Yes, we can love like we’ve never been hurt BUT only when we have been forgiven, only when our pain is healed, and the marvelous Grace of God flows out into the world through us …… yes it’s Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saves a wretch like me!! He is my Hope.

God’s amazing Grace available to all and anyone who would come to Him at the foot of the Cross.


To Africa with Love and Hope



Africa  is a vast Nation with many different cultures, and countries.  Over the past few years I have been Involved with Kenya and Uganda. I plan to work with other areas particularly South Africa.

There are thousands of orphans in Africa who are in need to support from food through to education support and sponsorship. SO in my media pages I plan to share some of these and trust that out there, there will be those who will be willing to assist.

Below is one of the Mission in Africa that is very needy as their main mission is that of assisting orphans:


Final Copy of Girls on 1 Page 2

Boys final to be checked 2

To see pictures of these children, you can COPY,  cut and paste into your browser.


P.O.BOX 8 -40204



To guide and support care for orphans in our community.By promotion of:

Social care, health care education and Necessities-to compound basic human needs and beyond.

More about the Project:



Address :  P.O BOX 8-40204

 GUCHA-KENYA    E-Mail:                                  

Orphanage bank particulars: -Account name:


-Account Number: 0124635085400 –

-Name of Bank: National Bank of Kenya -Branch: Kisii -Swift Code NBKEKENXXXX




To guide and support care for orphans in our community

By promotion of:  Social care, health care education and Necessities-to compound basic human needs and beyond.

Hope for Orphans Centre.

Hope for orphans centre in Kenya Africa has a God’s word thirst and lacking community around it. A community with many challenges including the orphans and widows.

To help address the challenge facing orphans it started the Hope for Orphans Centre Organ.

It has since enrolled and taken care of orphans in scheme that is enrolling and taking up orphans in to the projects home.


In the last decade Kenya as a community has faced HIV and AIDS related challenges and deaths among most of its population.

Kenya has the third highest number of HIV/AIDS orphans in the world, estimated at 890,000. Kenya has a shockingly large number of HIV/AIDS victims. Many mothers and fathers leave their young ones with neighbors or grandparents. This causes a heavy burden on the caretakers because of their limited ability to care for an additional child. More than 1000 people die daily due to HIV/AIDS in Kenya, this doesn’t include the number of deaths causes by Malaria, accidents and other diseases. Statistically, the number of orphans is growing, in Kenya, and Africa as a whole. Kenya has 0.16% of these orphans: about 1 million orphans living either in the streets, with the villagers, or with relatives. More than 3.8 million people in Kenya are living with HIV/AIDS and as the disease progresses, are likely to leave more than 2 million orphaned children. As this epidemic increase, there will be innumerable orphans wandering the streets in Kenya. These destitute children are found in villages and on city streets.

Several things can happen to children when their parents die from HIV and AIDS –related causes. It is very common, in many Kenyan streets and villages, to find these destitute children along the highways and on the street corners desperately begging for a shilling. Some live at the municipal town garbage bins where they scavenge for any remains of scraps of food. Others will be found sniffing glue, as a way to kill hunger pains. Many of the young girls start prostitution at a very early age, as young as 5 years old, to seek a living. Other street children turn into pick-pockets and thieves.


Is a Christian belief founded organization? It seeks to support the orphans in meeting the very basic human needs and educational requirements.

These activity goals are accomplished through trainings, supporting care for orphans as fees payment and Spiritual needs. The project is undertaken to improve the economic social and Spiritual lives within the community and country.


To provide all round care, encompassing Spiritual, health, physical and emotional care for orphans from the community around and beyond, be a leading education and sustainable development service provider to the orphan child in the view of:

  1. Man has a need to live a healthy life.
  2. Man has a need to have shelter, food, education, medication and clothing.
  3. Man has a need to have a good relationship with God and others in the community. 


To guide and support care for orphans in our community by promotion of:  Social care, health care education and necessities-to compound basic human needs and beyond.


Hope for orphans Centre as a fellowship project doesn’t have all the orphans reside in the home and therefore some of the orphans are placed under the caretakers who are some church members. In this scheme an orphan is identified and enrolled with Hope for Orphans Centre. The orphan then resides with caretakers alongside the caretakers’ family. Since there is an added cost and strain on available resources on taking up an extra child, the caretaker is allocated support and relief by Hope for Orphans Centre.

Currently Hope for Orphans Centre is supporting the care for 17orphans aged 5-13 years old.


Our region has suffered in the ever increasing orphans challenge as many other parts of Kenya.

This has not only affected individual families but also the entire community at large.

This has led to the Hope for Orphans Centre Project team to address the challenge. The team has projected to solicit for support from well-wishers and donors.

The challenges at hand include:

  1. Malnutrition due to shortage of food for the orphans.
  2. Luck of clothing and shoes.
  3. Limited education and educational supply among the orphans.
  4. Limited residential facilities.


  1. To provide social care for the orphans.
  2. To improve lives by helping providing food to the orphans.
  3. To provide quality education to orphans of school joining age, and to educate those who never got a chance to join school before.
  4. To provide for and ensure security and guidance to vulnerable orphans.
  5. To promote awareness of the killer diseases such as malaria, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS among the community members on how to prevent and avoid them.
  6. To educate caretakers of already HIV/AIDS infected or affected orphans on better ways to care for them.
  7. To help all orphans heal from traumatic pain caused by the death of their parents and the suffering they have passed through.
  8. To promote orphan girl guidance about life skills to avoid STDs, premarital sexual relationships, earlier marriages and earlier pregnancies, effects of abortion which could put them at risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS just as parent could do to his or her child.
  9. To promote Godly moral ethics and integrity among the orphans and their caretakers through workshops, seminars and church sessions.
  10. To recruit and train staff who will help in the work to see that the vision is fulfilled.
  11. To contribute to the community by encouraging/promotion of the environment management through nursery bed management, tree planting, water and soil conservation within the community.
  12. To address and provide timely solution to any such communal challenges as hunger disease outbreak any many more.

Sister Rose Kego. Here is also my bank account. Bank name: Equity ban

k kisii branch. Account Name: Rose Moragwa K. Account Number: 051 0173838882 Swift code: EQBLKENA

World remit is like receiving money from M-PESA

Here is the mobile phone number that can help in wave transfer + 254721100078

We hope PayPal is also the best way to send money and it works faster, safer way to send money. I have already created the

PayPal account under this email: or under this phone number: +254721100078 under the name Rose Moragwa. Thank you for your heart love towards the orphans in our care. Blessings Sister Rose




MY Story continues


Hope springs forth!

Jeremiah 31:3New International Version (NIV)

The Lord appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.”

Psalm 147:11 New International Version (NIV) “ the Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.”

I was invited to attend a program called ‘Search for Significance’ at our Church. God touched my life in a mighty way. On the last night of the program, I felt a pain in my heart like someone had stabbed me and was turning the blade. I rushed outside to the safety of my car. “Father I can’t take any more, I’ve been hurt once so much, would you even hurt me again?” Through weeping and sobbing from deep inside I cried out, “Please heal me, Lord.”

My car seemed filled with the Presence of God, like liquid Love so powerful, so gentle so warm, the tears stopped and I felt like I was being bathed in His wonderful Presence and Love. The pain was gone – and I was free! I wanted to shout out to every woman who’d walked this pathway, “You can be healed! You can be free!” That was the beginning of a new journey for me.

Since then my heart has ached and longed to touch so many men and women with this incredible love that is a balm on their lives. I want see children and teens who have been abused freed from the pain and shame that so often keeps them bound. There is healing, wonderful healing and freedom in Jesus. He never intended that we should carry these hurts that so define our lives. Until we are healed, we reflect our pain back on all around us; we take offense, and hurt others.

Do I remember those painful incidents of my youth? Yes, but without the pain; they are just scars and shadows of the past, they can no longer inflict wounds. It was then that God reminded me He would cause my life to be a door of hope for many. My passion is to share and touch many lives with the Love and Healing that has comes to me through my Door of Hope, Jesus.

God lead me to some very special Scriptures that brought such blessing and comfort into my life. His Word is the strength of our lives. So He brought me from the wilderness of my loss and pain “leaning on my beloved’. Yes I learned to learn on and trust Him and His Word fully.

“Behold, I have indelibly printed (tattooed a picture of) you on the palm of each of my hands; your walls are continually before me” (Isaiah 49:16 Amplified Bible)

SONG OF SOLOMON 8 :5 (Amplified Bible) “Who is this coming up from the wilderness Leaning upon her beloved?” Some versions say ‘desert’.

As a teen, I saw God through the eyes of an abused child, expecting punishment and retribution, but through His amazing Love and Grace, He opened a door of Hope to me. I had seen a father figure (the person who raped me was old enough to be my father) as someone who hurt and wounded me and stole my childhood. God offered me love and a promise to never leave me alone. Father God  lead me to HOPE  I hungered for more of Jesus. I had met my Daddy God and later on I was privileged to meet with one of those who had hurt me so much and there I forgave him and released him to find forgiveness. Later he passed on knowing he was going to his eternal Lord. He had found forgiveness.

Through my blogs and newsletter I will share more of my life and in particular, the healing that Jesus has promised for the broken hearted the wounded, and the hurting. I hope you too will keep in touch through this page and  find the Hope that comes from our eternal Father God through Jesus on the Cross of Calvary.