Building Strong Communities


 Strong  Communities are only as healthy and thriving as the  strong families within that community.

At the heart of every vibrant and healthy and safe  community :

  1. Healthy family relationships,
  2. Community participation,
  3. And government participation.
  4. Law upheld and supported by that community.

These communities will thrive in every aspect, from its child care through education, training and then to thriiving  Business and strong Church participation outside the walls of Churches.

It is a circle of life  that starts with the healthy condition of the family which is built on strong moral values gleaned from Gods Book of direction and guidance, the Bible.

In this blog we will look and many aspects of Community life and its ability to raise resilient families where all:

  1. Its  children are safe,
  2. Its aged cared for,
  3. Issues of disability addressed.
  4. Homeless cared for (perhaps there should not be homeless  & needy in such a community)

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