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A Winter’s Morning at Live & Let Live

“Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day.” Remember that old song. I really can’t remember what musical it came from but I think the song continued “everything’s going my way”.

I have learned over time that it is not because ‘everything is going my way’ that a day is beautiful, it is more because I have acknowledged WHO is in my day, I have taken time to rest in what God has planned for my day. All His Promises are new every morning and even as the dew settles overnight so I can allow the dew of His Presence settle on my life. 

A few days ago on a cold morning, I decided to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our northern veranda. The frost had melted and the fog lifted, giving way to beautiful sunshine and a lovely day, the air was still crisp and fresh.

As I sat quietly, I could hear the many different species of birds around our home.  The Lorikeets, finches, doves, magpies, Guinea fowls and one duck had all finished their breakfast and were settled in the sunshine too. It all made for a very pleasant setting.

Then from the old tress a little further away can the clear laugh of the Kookaburras.  I love their joyful song though on this occasion it sounded like they were having a conference. They kept it up for a while and then, conference over, they flew away to come back and check on us later.

 Many of the old Fig Trees on our property are over 100 years old. My, could they tell  stories  of children learning  to climb, of swings built for the children, cubby houses,  picnics under their shady canopies, horses tied up at lunch time, bantams and guinea fowl roosting in their protective branches and so much more.

It was hard  to pull myself away from my spot in the sun that day but there comes a time …….. when one needs to move on with the day ahead. They were precious moments and memories  of if when we raised our children on the Live & Let Live.  I’ll share some stories from time to time.  So till ne next time, enjoy your day. Till next time, may you too be aware of all the good things provided from the Fathers Hand.



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