Many in today’s world may feel forsaken, unloved… But the truth is God has not turned his back on you. He does not hate you; he loves you and is speaking tenderly to your heart – if you will listen.

He Speaks Tenderly explores the tender voice of God – from the Garden of Eden through to the New Testament. It was Jesus’ tender words that turn Peter from feeling let down, discouraged and close to going back to where he was before Jesus called him.

Peter found that nothing else would ever satisfy him but fulfilling that Heavenly Call. Soon after Peter, full of the Holy Spirit, preached to thousands and 3000 was saved. What a difference in Peter’s life when he listened to that tender voice that brought healing and set him on his feet again.

He Speaks Tenderly takes the reader on a journey from Genesis, some of the great love stories, and then into the New Testament, where we meet Jesus speaking tenderly to those hurt and torn in daily life circumstances, challenged through disappointment and discouragement. It is the Bridegroom awakening (speaking tenderly) to His Bride to come.

This book will bless you and you will find God drawing near to you, speaking tenderly to your heart.

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