Torn Between 2 Loves is a journey thorough everyday life. It is about reality and heartache. Beryl Spencer was sexually abused as a child and teen; she felt rejected by those whom she should have been able to trust. The day came when Beryl made a life-changing decision: she would no longer allow her past to define her future.

What followed were teenage years of conflict and confusion, always trying to follow the Lord, and failing so many times. How could God allow this to happen? Beryl was chained in her mind by the events of her past and shame dictated her life – the enemy constantly trying to convince her that her life was worth nothing.

Journey with Beryl as she uncovers the daily battle of a life entwined in the truths of God’s Word versus the battle-field of the mind. She discovers that many of the great leaders were just ordinary people; people that also faced a tug of war of the heart and the challenge of failing to do the things they should do. They loved, they hated, they fought against God but mostly returned and bowed the knee to the God who alone could lead them in a path of victory.

Beryl’s passion for justice has seen her work with governments to have legislation amended to protect children. She actively campaigned to have the first ‘grooming of children in the familial setting’, introduced into Parliament in Queensland. Her story will inspire and challenge you in your own walk with the Lord.

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