EVERY child, every teen in fact has the right to feel safe in  their community. It is the right of every child to be raised in safe homes with loving caring parents.

Ther is an old saying: ” it takes a community to raise a child”  each home is at the heart of the community and it must all start there.

It is one thing to aim at the vision of having safe homes and therefore  communities but it is yet another to have these rights of children upheld in the courts and by Legislation. It will take Wise Judges and Courts to tenaciously uphold Legislation that has been ratified  in Government.

So to have safe futures for all of our children there must be a  clear collaboration  and cooperation at every level: Families, Schools, Community, Local Government, State and Federal Government and then the Law is administered through the Courts of Law which are inevitably in the hands of the Legal Fraternity.

I hope to share parts of my journey in advocacy, working with families, communities and Government through writing submissions and petitioning and lobbying to have them adopted.

Every child has the right to live and be raised in safety and love and enjoy being a child.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being

crushed  ” Proverbs  31:8

I was impacted by this  verse and several others  many years ago. It has never left my heart, and has been like a fire burning i my heart . It is something I must do.

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