To Africa With Love


Africa  is a vast Nation with many different cultures, and countries.  Over the past few years I have been Involved with Kenya and Uganda. I plan to work with other areas particularly South Africa.

There are thousands of orphans in Africa who are in need to support from food through to education support and sponsorship. So in my media pages I plan to share some of these and trust that out there, there will be those who will be willing to assist.

This is the details for you to visit :


Alfred and wife  Jane have this a vision to reach  children and orphans from the slum areas surrounding Karen where  parents cannot afford to pay for the children’s education.  This is a mission to and for children . Funds are always need to support this Mission. Visit Website above for full details. Below are just a few of the beautiful but hungry and needy children who are supported by Brightshiners.  You can support Alfred and Jane in this world by going to their website.



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